The Gym:: Hope and Dispair

So I decided to get my rear in gear and go to the gym. I had been going on regular walks but had been nervous to try the gym knowing it would never live up to the standards of my beloved RPAC. Nonetheless, as I walked in chitter chatting with one of my besties over the phone I discovered they did have my favorite piece of equipment, the ARC Trainer. ((AMAZING)). I settled into a machine near this woman with blond hair, your average Susie. She overheard me talking on the phone and asked me where I was from, "Dayton". She replied that she was a Columbus native and she attended ODU (Ohio Dominion University) for her undergrad. Over the next half an hour she told me all about Munice, the campus, and life as a graduate student. As amazingly random and nice as it was to meet someone not only from Ohio, but from Columbus, the outlook she gave me for the next two years of my life is grim. She basically said that most graduate students here are married or really weird, there is no graduate student associations worthwhile, and that the environment isn't really conducive to meeting a ton of new people. ((whomp whomp)). I can see some of what she said, people here are nice, but deep, meaningful connections probably aren't gonna happen soon, but anyway. So I'm so happy that I met a Columbus person, and conversing with someone outside of my program gave me hope, but on the other hand, she gave me a really sad picture for the next two years.

Have a great day all!


  1. Ugh...I had this hope that you would meet all these great ppl and what not! Why are people killing that dream?!
    You will carve out your own experience at BSU :)

  2. I have yet to attend a black graduate student alliance meeting, so we'll see if that makes my experience different from hers. But for now, even though it's not moving as swift. I'm enjoying myself right now.:)


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