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Dear God, It's Me

It's been 502 days since my last confession and I'm not who you knew me to be. The last time I wrote on this blog I was still working for the company who must not be named ("CMNBN"). Now, don't get me wrong, I learned a million things about being an attorney and a working professional, chiefly among them when to grab your purse and run for the exits. After working there almost a year, and taking on increasingly more responsibility I asked my boss for a raise. Like the true millennial woman I am, I listed all of my accomplishments, a timeline of the increased work I was taking on, and areas of law I was completely responsible for: collections & bankruptcy. I talked with him privately, and asked my temp company to negotiate on my behalf. I got the raise, a whopping $4, up to $18 from my $14 salary 🔚🔜.  CMNBN was going through a merger and his budget outside of the normal payroll process was were my salary came from, and even with my agency discounting their r…

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