" Well, you better go to Church then!"

So, I was at home hanging out with my grandparents at the Preble County Pork Festival, in Eaton, and I was telling them about my life, and how I had met with the professor over the black graduate student alliance. As I recounted the story of sitting in her office, telling her about my life, her talking about her sons, inviting me to church and dinner, my grandfather's face turned into a curious smirk.
"You say she has sons?"
"Yes, she talked about them a lot"
"She invited you to church and dinner?"
"Yes, she was really nice. She even gave me a hug as I left."
"She wants you for them sons. You better go to church."
I died laughing. Was that really why she invited me? She did seem awful nice, but she also probed me about sorority life, and talked about her organization. I don't know if my grandfather is just being him but, he could be right. Who knows? I will be at church next Sunday though :)


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