Eff em' Tuesdays (Lots of cursing)

One of my bestie's wrote a post on eff em' Tuesdays on her blog and suggested  I do same, and I will. Also, please check out her blog  Unfinished Business . The link should take you there.

Eff not finding a parking space and having to be a sneaky ass and cut someone off to get one.

Eff words like "Nigga", "Colored", "Black", "African American" etc, etc ad nauseam being the way we describe the complicated fabric of people and their heritages.

Eff me feeling like I'm in menopause and really just starting my period. Is it really that hot in here? Why are my boobs so sore?

Eff club promoters who send out fifty million event invites via face book. I graduated fool.

Eff dudes who say they're dancers, choreographers, promoters and financial advisors. Jack of all trades, and ain't really doing shit.

Eff Cuffing Season..not the mixtape, the phenomenon.

Eff the last of the coffee, the ice cream, and the pasta.

Eff looking at four pictures and still not being able to tell whether he's cute or not

Eff positive pregnancy tests (Thank God not I. There's a way I tell if my day is successful. If I'm, (A) not pregnant or have possibly conceived and (B) didn't hit anything with my car..it's a good day)

Eff Old ass men who flirt and hit on young girls...you'll be waiting? What the fuck for?


Eff gas being 2.79

Eff missing my ex.

Eff loving someone but knowing you can not be with them.

Eff being the good girl but being too afraid to be the bad one.

Eff dudes who try too hard. I'm clearly NOT interested.

Eff people who flirt and have girlfriends. Sneaky fuckers.

Eff weird dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night and you can't get back to sleep.

Eff bills.

Eff doing the dishes.

Eff procrastination. I'm trying to be productive

Eff debits

Eff looking for love. I'm letting it come to me. No more work.

Eff people with three marriages trying to tell me what to do with my love life*cough cough* Steve Harvey. I'll take my grandparents advice thanks. 54 years strong.

Eff sanity. Being crazy is much more fun.

Eff excuses. I live and love on my own terms.

Eff self-consciousness. I'm the baddest, even if no one but me knows. :)

....eff it all

ADD YOUR EFF em's to the comment box!!!!!!!!


  1. Stole one from the original website...Eff the lack of entertainment in my life. i neeeeeeed something 6’0 or taller.


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