The Prayer


I ask for patience. I'm leaning on your promises, but I can't see the results, help me to deal with in the mean time. Help me to trust in your plan, in the path you've given me, even though I can only see a few steps ahead. Give me the guidance and wisdom to face the challenges that seem to block my path, help me to see what they are, opportunities to trust you.

Give me health and strength God. I'm giving my body to you, keep me father. I'm in your hands. You have blessed my family and I with good health. Strengthen us when we are tired, heal us when we are sick, and give us the knowledge to be good stewards of the bodies you've given us.

Lord help me to cherish the people you've given me to walk this life with. I pray for those whose season's have ended, and those who I have yet to me. Help me to show you in my relationships. Let us learn from each other, grow, and when our time has ended, help us to take the lessons and apply them to the new people you've given us.

Help me to not covet what you've given others, I know that what blessings you have for me are for me. Work with my spirit father, shake me of this.

Forgive me father. I fall short. So easily and so often. It's only by your grace I'm saved and I thank you and praise you for that.

Bless me. Increase my territory. You said in your word that you would not forsake me, and I'm claiming all that you have to give. Keep your angels watching over me.



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