So I got my peer evaluations back from work today...
First of all let me say I hate them. The way our assistantship works is that we're divided into sub-groups or teams : marketing, computers, outreach, and programming.
Throughout the semester the team works within and by itself with weekly reports at staff meeting.
Big projects like: Our Fashion Show, and  Kirkpatrick Lecture are multi-group and cooperative efforts.
I said all that to say, most groups don't know what other groups are doing except for the 2 minute snapshot we get at the staff meetings.
The evaluations are done such that one team evaluates another team's members. Even though they don't really have a clue (except for gossip and hearsay) about how the other team operates and what each individual member contributes.

So I get mine, and it's all 3's and 4's. I'm really upset about the 3's, but four is exemplary, and I got at least one 4 in all of the categories, so I guess I should be happy. Except, I got to the comment section, and someone said " needs to be in professional attire, especially in some programs. You are cooperative and nice"....WTF?
Honestly, I think I know who it is, and I can't say their reasoning for this comment, but I think it's a cultural difference, and I honestly think I'm inappropriate for their culture, not the workplace. My boss told me at the beginning of the year what she expected for our outfits. I've done that. The only time that I wasn't dressed up, when we're supposed to be is the Fashion Show, and I was the backstage coordinator who had to run up and down the steps all night. I was in flats, a dress, and tights. No one, and not my boss, said I was dressed inappropriately. I'm also the youngest person on staff, and the most fashion conscious, and I really feel some type of way about the comment, even though I know I should be taking these peer "evaluations" with a grain of salt. I know how are office politics work. People straight asked me to give them 4' it's not at all honest.



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