Keep God in Your Heart...Sense In Your Head.... and a Dollar In YOUR Pocket

In the back of my head, I kinda knew graduating this early was a little too good to be true. I've only been in school a little over a year. I've overloaded my credit hours for two semester (12, when full time is 6) and have been busting my ASS to get out of Muncie. If you've followed this blog any amount of time you'll know that Muncie hasn't been my best experience. But, let me tell you, and please believe that their is greatness is struggle, amazing things are built from ruin and broken-ness. 
I received an email today telling me that the Dean didn't approve me taking 12 credit hours over the summer and that I would either have to work from home (not paid for) and do an independent study, take thesis hours at a reduced cost, or one of the professors asked me to work on special projects with her, and consider getting an additional degree in Wellness. 
I called an found out that my apartment was still available for the fall, and that I wouldn't worry about  place to live.
I can't express how sad I was when I first found out. I saw a window to leave a place where I was unhappy, and now it's closing. I guess I'm not done learning yet. Through talking with my family, who are all around me due to the unfortunate circumstance of my grandmother having surgery (she's fine and surrounded by those who love her) I received immediate encouragement. This is an opportunity, and they've already offered to pay for additional education. That can never hurt me. Yes, my plans have changed, but what good would being out of academia a whole year, when I'm trying to get into a Ph.D. program do me? None.
I haven't decided if I just want to be a G.A. for another year, work from home, or get another degree. I'm going to really think it over. I know that whatever my decision is I have the skills and the support to grown and learn from it. 

My Best.


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