Musiq said,

 "You just love the drama, cause you think it makes us real, but it just causes problems."

That's how I feel about my sister...that whole song.

I'm concerned, I'm primarily concerned about her ex-faux hubby, he loves her. You can tell by the pain that's clearly on his face every time he sees her with someone else, making bad choices, running around, etc etc. I've told her a MILLION times, if yall aren't together, don't be together. No shared bills, cars, etc. If he's just your parenting partner, let him be that. Giving a man hope, especially one that really loves you, and playing around in front of his face is DANGEROUS.

Second, and why I'm actually upset is that my mom and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off to try and give the twins a decent birthday party, since my sis had ANOTHER major scandal with her "sisters", and even though they caused this scandal they did NOTHING to help or rectify and even had the NERVE to come in and complain about the arrangements that were made, because of their mistakes. EXCUSE me, but if it hadn't been for you, there would be a cake, etc. What pissed me off is that, when these women come in my sister goes outside and spends the rest of the party chit chatting with them outside. Her kids were inside without her. Neither my mom, nor I, received a good bye or a thank-you, NOTHING. I felt so disrespected, and for my sister to not even pick up my mother's or my frustration, when her faux-hubby saw it, DAMN.
That will be the last thing I help with. FOR SURE. My kindness has been taken for granted. Bitches have truly been cut off for MUCH MUCH LESS.

"Why we gotta suffer, because you can't just chill, you're so worried about them others..." - Musiq

I remember my sister saying that we never talk anymore, it's just about the kids, and it has been, and from now on that's all it will be. I sincerely have a problem with people who KEEP drama in their lives, there's no reason for it. It doesn't make us anymore real, our relationships any more substantial. Some things, like relationships aren't meant to be dynamic, they're supposed to be solid, the foundations that we lean on when everything else happens...when our tires are flat, when we don't have any money, when all else fails, they are the ace in our pockets. That's who we should be concerned about.
I understand we all have our kick it buddies, they are who we go out and chill with, they are good for laughs and fun, we don't tell them all our business, and we always have a way out if shit goes awry. However, these folks should never get between our besties, or our aces. At the end of the day, there's only the facts. Who was there when needs were great? Our relationship has been one sided for a while, I can't say that my back has been watched, this whole situation is bullshit, and I'm out.

I remember my sister asking me was she my maid of honor. I thought about her wedding, her step-mom and faux-hubby were shocked that I wasn't, but guess who from know on, I'mma let them do all the dirty work, and live up to their titles and quit cleaning up their messes. *

My god babies are my everything, and I will continue to be there for them. I want peace and success for them, and I'll continue to try and do my best so that they have that, at least when they're with me, but everything else... I'm good.

*this is absolutely NO SHADE to those ladies, I don't know them. I just hear about, and deal with the consequences of their actions. This is completely about my sister.


  1. I swear I adore you girl! You have the insight of a woman much older than you are! How in the heck did you get so wise? But then I take that back, you were wise & focused in high school so you have not changed, only started to mature like a really good wine. Just call me when you need me, I have your back! Love u !


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