No complaints

just a love myself post....and all the reasons why...through pics!
 Because my tat is sexy ;)

 Because I look like I belong on someone's cover
 because I can rock a fro

 because even though I can and know how to wear make-up... I still love I belong on someone's cover without it (the pic on the right is make-up less)
 Because I know a good local wine
 Yes...I may wear heels but I enjoy a good pair of chucks too!
 because I love me some Jesus!
 Because I love my hair :)

 Because I dream about being a hat wearing, church lady :)
 Because I love even the least of these :)
 Part of my collection...
 Because I'm a Mac :)

 Because I know GOOD Music!

 and yeah, I cook too!
 And I'm a smarty pants :)
 and more nail polish....
 I eat chocolate chip waffles at midnight (a girl likes to enjoy herself)
 and even if I didn't always...I love my body, and don't take it all that seriously

Because...I'm all these shades of brown, yellow, and ONE WEEK


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