You Don't Have to Be Nasty/ Love on Top

This weekend I witnessed an unusual exchange...on surface it may seem normal, but I assure you this does not happen every day and it makes me appreciate my family so much more.

Uncle Kent: (as my Uncle John walks up) : HE LIVES!!!
Uncle John: Yes, how are you doing?
Uncle Kent: I'm good how are you?
((Exchange Man Hugs))

Seems simple right? Not really, My Uncle Kent is my mom's brother. My Uncle John, is my Aunt Lesyle's Husband, who is the ex-wife to my Uncle Kent.

Looks a little different right?

I watched it in awe. Love is love. Bygones are bygones. Not everyone can do that. Sometimes I think that we let the past hinder us with there's really no need for it to. My Uncle Kent is remarried. My Aunt Leslye is as much a member of the family as anyone else, and always will be. Combined families can work if people want them to. Forgiveness and not being selfish is key.

I always knew my family was different. We don't argue, of course we've had our issues, and some are still ongoing, but we've managed to keep the love on top. We all get together, even if it's not a holiday. I can call my relatives, even if their not immediate family and go over to their house for a random dinner (I go over my Aunt Marty's at the most RANDOM times, and she always will have me) and I can not express my appreciation for it.

I was really proud of them this weekend. I love my family. They've shown me how to love, forgive, and learn from the past.


Kudos fam

I realized how INCREDIBLY COUNTRY we are also...LOL
My grandfather and his native american ancestors decided to have a pow wow and were speaking through him this weekend. Scared me to death, but it reminded me how important it is to know, and not be ashamed of ALL that you are. :)


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