Counting My Blessings...

Even though my life has been crazy these past couple of weeks I can honestly say even through the trials I have been BLESSED. Crazy things that were so unexpected.

First: I've moved up in the world at the Economic's dept. My research is going well and they have even given me and office! I'm so happy about this in particular because I started out having no expertise in this field, to be almost ready to publish my first article and finish a thesis in health economics! So crazy!

Second: I'm going to be a presenter for the Alzheimer's Association! I have to admit that I took this "job" because it's a great look on my resume/vita, but hey, I needed to learn more about it anyway! WIN WIN.

Third: I was so nervous about the GRE, but I took it on the 25th and I did well! I don't have to take it again, and I got scores good enough to get in to all my target schools! YAY ME!


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