Counting My Blessings (Part II)

I found a job! I was only home for three weeks without one! I'm officially a work-a-holic, but that's what I really wanted to be in life so it's great! I guess I just didn't expect it to happen this soon.

I'm the Program and Events Director for an assisted living facility. We probably have a total of 300 residents. My assistant and I, plan, staff, set up, coordinate, book, clean-up, serve, teach and do anything that's needed to ensure our residents have interesting and engaging activities.

I got my job in a very roundabout, couldn't have been my doing way. I posted my resume to a job site and was constantly applying even before I graduated on the 17th of December. I received a call from my now boss, telling me that even though they normally hire people with more experience than I have, she saw that we had the same degree and she asked me to come in for an interview. I walk into this facility and the first thing I noticed was how incredibly gorgeous it is. Fireplaces, library, beautiful furniture...just gorgeous.

I walk into her office and we talk about the position. It's the "community liaison" which is basically a person who is in a modified sales role. They make connections with Dr's offices, nursing homes, rehab centers, organizations,etc in order to find people who may be interested in coming to the facility. We talk about it a little, but we spend most of our time talking about what I do at the community center and the activities we offer. She writes it all down. We never did what you would typically think of for a senior center. There was no bingo. There were lectures, cooking classes, day trips, writing and computer courses. What we did was fundamentally different that typical behavior of senior organizations. She was very interested. It went well, but I sensed it wasn't right for me and I wasn't surprised when I didn't get a call back for the position.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I was applying to jobs, turned another sales position down, went on a few more interviews and was still looking for something to do. I receive a phone call from my boss asking if I was still looking for employment and that she had an opening for something that was more suitable for me, the program and events position, and would I like to come interview? I said yes, and she told me I would also meet with the assistant to the position...I said okay. I go, we talk about the things she didn't like, I showed her what we did, told her about my role in it etc. It goes well. I meet with my assistant. She interviews me, we immediately hit it off, she knows my pastor. Goes to church near me. Fine. So, the next day she calls and says will I meet with the new Community Liaison, and I say okay. I'm like OMG how many people do I have to interview with? So I meet with her on Thursday, in the morning, it goes well. I get a call that afternoon asking if I want the position, of course I do! It's perfect. She tells me how much I get paid (well), that it's full time, etc etc. Asks me when I would like to start... She tells me to come in and fill out my background check info, get my drug test and I can start on Wednesday. So since last Wednesday I've been working 10 hr days (mind you I spend most of my time talking, walking, exercising, pouring, and meeting/returning phone calls) but I LOVE IT. It's incredibly fulfilling.

There's so many things I want to do and change, that I have to remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, and I need to pace myself.

It's also incredibly weird having a person to assist me. She always asks me what I would like to do, and I'm like...I don't know. You've been here longer than me! She's incredible, so very kind, and caring.  This is my first position as a supervisor, so I'm learning as I go. She keeps me on schedule and knows our residents well. She's invaluable. She asked me if I wanted her to get me coffee the other day and I was like NO! First off she's older than me. Second, I don't think you should ever ask anyone to do anything you can easily do for yourself.

I think I'm going to have a fantastic time in this job and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found something that doesn't even feel like work and that I love :)

Oh..on a sad note. I got into a car accident. Icy road. No salt. Ran into a mailbox and a light from a pole fell on top of my car. :( No injuries except for a bruise on the head. Which I found out was from my grandmothers cross breaking on my glasses and scratching me.

I honestly think I got away easy. It looks like I burnt myself with a curling iron. Easily coverable with make-up. Another blessing. My car doesn't look like it sustained much injury either. Except for my roof. I also randomly made a new friend. The man whose mailbox I ran into was incredibly kind, let me wait inside until the police came, offered me coffee, and told me to stop back anytime if I wanted to talk. Older adults love clue why.


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