I think that I am ready to write

First, let me give you an update, and then lead back to the heart of the matter.

On law school....

I've been accepted into Temple University's Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I've since been planning a life of shopping, food, and life about the town. I can't hold my excited (yes, I meant to say it like this). I think Philly and I would do well together...just marvelous. Ha! But, I could'nt do it by myself which is why I'm PRAYING  bestie Mia also decides on Temple, so we can both be ladies about town. :) I completely decided to apply solely because of the option of being in a new city, but having some support (Muncie, without any hometown support was NO FUN). So, if she doesn't go...we're back to another option. If I also get into Florida's law school it all goes up in flames because I could get a joint PhD/JD and that's what I really want. I would even say no to Cornell (still waiting) for a chance at it. I've been waitlisted for Washington University in St. Louis and Michigan State University. :(. I loved MSU because Michigan is teeming with political activity (as is Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida...all still on the table) but we'll see what happens. I feel like my being wait listed is due to my late decisions. Most people are applying in December, I was just then taking my LSAT. *shrugs*. I watched Angela Corey http://youtu.be/uUTVylF5W4Q yesterday and SCANDAL today, and it sent tingles down my spine. They both are so knowledgable and poised. AHHH! I just want to be there, and I will be. Soon... and that's the best part of it all.

On employment....

I quit my job last Wednesday. I was an at will employee, so at the end of the day I wrote a resignation letter, turned my keys in, and took my personal items home. My workplace was described by my boss, as "toxic" and although in context, she was talking about the response of other employees to the way that they were treated and were reflecting back at her. It was accurate. Even though my former boss is a genuinely sweet person, she was not leading. There were too many cooks in the kitchen which was directly impeding my ability to do my job. It wasn't being called stupid by a resident, wasn't running two facilities with inadequate staffing, it wasn't even having no days off. It was the disrespect showed by my colleagues and the lack of support, training, and vision from my boss and the corporation. I can tell you the critical moment: I went shopping for an activity, and came back to see one of my rooms changed by the marketing staff. I was in charge of all activity spaces. They changed it, while I was out of the building, and didn't even care to ask me what my opinion was. It was full of trip hazards and would've directly impeded my ability to do morning exercise and other events in the room. My boss would've never corrected them, nor did she direct them to ask me. I looked at it, and it wasn't mine anymore, but I would have to deal with all the changes they made. Changes that I wasn't important enough to be asked about even though they directly affected me. So, I resigned.

I guess that's the problem with knowing who you are and what you'll become. First of all, this job was just not my bag. I wasn't the best at it. I'm an academic. Hands up, charge me, that's who I am. In this job I was a beggar, baby-sitter, cheer leader, bartender, singer and actress, none of which are me. I could've faked it a little longer, had I gotten the training I needed to be efficient. I would point blank ask, "What are your no-nos?" and get an "I don't know, just learn as you go"...that doesn't work when you're dealing with people with severe dementia and other illnesses that affect their daily living. You need to know. Before. But, the company hires people with significantly more experience than I had because they do not want to invest in the time it takes to train them. When I came, they literally didn't even have a facility wide fire policy! The staff weren't (and still aren't) trained on what to do when there is a fire! So, even though I could've been good at my job there wasn't an investment in training me to do that, so I constantly was misstepping because I didn't know, and had no time to think it through.

Now I'm looking for another job. Thankfully I have enough ends to last me a month or two.


I miss writing. So much. I would come home from work and just be so exhausted. I'm so glad I'm getting to rest, and enjoy what's to come. I've been spending time with my grandparents, and just getting back where I like to be. I want a job sooo bad though! I'm an expensive girl (I will admit) and I  like being able to get up and go!  I've been praying so hard on so many things and worshipping extra hard. I've been blessed and I need to remain in favor.

So pray for me too.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Hopefully I won't be neglecting mason jars like this again! It's my baby! I might have to change the title if I move to Philly or the Sunshine state. Name suggestions are welcomed!



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