I signed my promissory notes for law school. Thinking about what I'm going to do to document that journey. I don't know if I'm going to change the name of MJM, or just keep doing it, and shift the focus, or switch to vlogging. I just don't know...

I really don't have anything substantive to say, but I have seen a lot of things that have inspired me, and they are posted below they include pics and quotes. I also have a new obsession with menswear ( not in the, I want to wear means clothing, but I seriously appreciate a good tailored suit and tie)

I actually give LOTS of fucks. Tons of them. I'm a prostitute of feelings.

"Some men aren't meant to be happy, they're meant to be great"

 I need the perfect thing to text him that's not slutty but says "You could get it if you want"” hmmm

She was like, ”I always knew Obama wanted a black woman.” Lmfaooo

And then in the ultimate coon move, when she told her she loved him, THIS NIGGA SAID THANK YOU sgsvdhwusuxucndi

Third, she said Obama would chill at her crib on weekends....drinkin coffee and doing crossword puzzles WITH HIS SHIRT OFF

Secondly, she said the sexual chemistry aka dickwork was strong.

First off, Obama had a white gurl from Australia.....

One of Obama ex gals wrote a book about their relationship in the 80s

RT  Is pussy low carb? I know it's high in headaches but...

Ugh. Your family will have you losing your soul and use God as a reason to help you do it.

I love y'all. Well, some of you. Three of you. I love three of you. The rest I'm just using for sex and RTs. 
Don't think b/c you're attractive that you're first pick. I will pick a dump truck over a fine dude with nothing but a headache to offer.

That way you can give to others without losing yourself.

You want to go to people with your cup full. Your cup runneth over so what's in the cup is yours and what spills over is for others.

Do ppl who criticize a rally against police corruption for not being abt Blk on Blk violence show up to breast cancer runs w/lupus signs?

I feel like people are focusing way too much on the hoodie. In all honesty fuck the hoodie. Blackness is the bottom of this barrel.

Trayvon was not killed for wearing a hoodie. He was killed for being black. And you can't just pick up a trendy black skin at Hollister.

Ladies, when your man talks too much you gotta tell him to "Shut up and look cute" so he knows he ain't get chose for his commentary.

10 MarSurely, Bassey ‏@BasseyworldLive
The narrative of the "white saviour" as seen in popular movies is now being shifted to activism. I have HUGE problems with that.

Equality ain't got shit to do with chivalry. SMH men are a mess.

whether or not she cooks, cleans, has your babies, supports you, etc etc. Whatever you think she should be doing has no bearing on womanhood

whether or not a person is a woman has nothing to do with the activities she does in relation to men.

The devil isn't in the details…it's in the interpretation.

I only say "God bless you" twice to strangers. If you sneeze a third time I assume it didn't take and you're a demon who must be destroyed.


Just remember this. If you don't want me now, I don't want you later.

You can't possibly accuse a fish of thirst if you keep throwing the bait in the water, fervently hoping for a bite.
I'm just saying. You all burn your hair, wear titty swings, walk in uncomfortable shoes...a lot of niggas don't even bathe.

"Story of our relationship…close, but no cigar."

It amazes me that amount of politics that is played over what you like in your asshole. It's awkward. :)


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