Chipped Nail Polish

My will to care about anything is so minuscule these days it's ridiculous. I'm in this interesting moment when at present my life is literally in shambles, but I can see how in a few weeks it will all come together and be lovely. I just hope that nothing that happens in the next couple weeks hurts anything forever and if it hurts for a little bit, I'll still be okay with it.  This mental place that I'm in is strange.
I've been walking the line of regret in quitting my first job, but I can't quite seem to bring myself to self-pity on that issue, so like everything else right now I'll put it in the Oh, well...column.
I'm finally getting excited about my return to Ohio State. I honestly didn't think I was going to get in and resigned myself to planning a life in Philadelphia much to the chagrin of my family. In a crazy moment, I got a late notification that I was accepted into their Moritz College of  Law program and got a substantial scholarship (half of my tuition). No brainer, Ohio State it is.
This all came after I paid $150 dollars to Temple U. as deposit for acceptance into their law class. BOO. It also cost $225 to say yes to Ohio State. BOO. Especially when you're jobless...woosh.
I also learned a super huge lesson about being frugal. People who live pay check to pay check when they don't have to are foolish. I'm going to be a nun until law school as self punishment. Life goes on. My friends will forgive.

My only goal in life at the moment is to not get fired from my current job before I plan to leave it. My nails are chipped to the point that begs the question, am I wearing my nail polish on or off? Who am I? *shrugs*


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