So I've said before that Columbus, Ohio was the place where I fell in love with myself, and it's so true. I've been back for a few days, and it's starting to sink in that I'm really here again. I went and got a new student ID today, and it definitely made it official. When I was on campus today I ran errands, and I def felt less like a touristic alumni, and more like a professional student. HAHA. It's completely different than that green feeling I had before Mount Launch week, six years ago. SIX YEARS AGO. I know myself now. I know campus. I'm fully prepared for the journey.
I also went to the law school, walked around the library, the student lounge, couldn't see the new student commons though :(. It's so funny that there's all this hype about law school being a dog eat dog world, but so far everyone has been extremely nice and helpful.
The one thing I'm extremely sad about is that Mia isn't here. Even though I know us being at the same school is not a good idea. I really wanted to do this together.  I'm completely confident that it was divine intervention. How else do you explain us being accepted to the same school at different times, after I switched my intent to enroll to OSU,  she got in to Temple, with it being too late for me to now attend. I remember all the hours we spent in Thompson (mostly on youtube/ chopping it up about the goings on in our lives). I know we would try to be socialites. I know that it would also be less likely that I would get to know new people if we were together, because it's a safe relationship. She's a bestie. I'd prefer to kick it with her than to learn someone new. I know focus would be an issue, bestie isn't gonna be at school with me and it hurts. I wish her the best, and I know we'll do great and I'm def making a trip to Philly SOON!
I have no clue what I'm going to do with the blog, I needed it in Muncie to get me through, but it's different now. I guess the solution will come to me later.



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