UPDATE: "You better go to church then"

So while it's fresh in my mind, I figured I'd update on my previous post. I finally went to church today, it's a traditional AME church, and I don't think it's where God is leading me to become a member while I'm here, so I'm still going to go to a few other churches. Anywho, afterwards Dr. Maria took me out to lunch and I must say I think my grandfather was wrong. First of all she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would be in to doing that type of thing, she talked about her friend marrying someone his mother wanting him to and it ruining his whole life, so I don't think that's her M.O. Plus, I just think she's a nice woman who's been in my position (a young black female graduate student in a new city) and she just wants to help anyway she can. She even invited me to her fish fry! I have a meeting with the black graduate student alliance tonight, so expect a post on that!

Love yall,


p.s. why is it that people hold women to a much higher standard then men? For example, the pastor used the illustration that women were now sagging to demonstrate how bad our schools have become. So it really became a problem when it crossed over an infiltrated our women folk. What? So it was bad when boys did it, but now your up in arms because girls let their pants hang low? #Newsflash it's all an issue


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