I Feel Some Type of Way

For those of you who don't know what the phrase " I Feel Some Type of Way" means...it's kinda like you know something's off, but you can't put a specific emotion with it, because you don't know all the details yet, but you know something is just suspect.

I Feel some type of way...
                                       about my roommate.. I mean what's really good Asian Susie, are you friend or foe?
                                      about men who continue to flirt, when you show signs of clear disinterest. Are you a stalker?
                                      about people who talk like they're single but clearly their facebook or other social networking signs say different. Raquiem, are u single or not?
                                      about people who comment on facebook status' without real shit to add to the post. Clearly, I've already made up my mind about what I'm gonna do, that's why I put it in writing (via facebook) how is your two cents on what you gonna do change what I'm doing? It's not.
                                    about people who give unsolicited advice. I'm running this show. You're not even a recurring role, find a seat and enjoy the production
                                     about my future husband...what are u doing that is sooo great, that you are distracted from making the best move you've made all game?
                                    about these three hour staff meetings. WTF?!? Is this how it's gonna be all year? #NOMAM #NOSIR
                                      about errant facebook chat messages. Stranger Danger!
                                   about being a way from my mommy, I don't know if I'll ever get used to that.
                                    about my god-son having two teeth, didn't you just come out the womb? Who has two teeth at three months?
                                    about this older man in my class who I think has a crush on me. Please keep it to yourself.
                                    about this sound my car is making sporadically...please don't cost me money. I just bought you hunny bunny. Let's not act up already.
                                   about Kanye West. Either God or the devil has something really big in store for him, let's hope it's the former and not the latter.

Goodnight folks!



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