Friday, December 24, 2010

A continuation

I know that we've talked about the 40+ black lady in my class, but we also work together and let me tell you, my boss described her as "a slippery eel" and I think that is a very accurate assessment.
First, she said that she was a little behind on our semester evaluation for Summer, which was supposed to be done before Fall, but anyway,she asked if I could start doing the instructor evaluations for Fall until she caught up. So I had been doing all that work, writing up the stats, sending out certificates, and letters, etc. I stopped getting so many in my mailbox at work so I thought that she was caught up and now doing her share...NO. The last week of class I received an email from her asking me if I would do ALL the evaluations (there are 57 programs) and she would do the semester report. Mind you, the semester report is nothing but a compilation of the evaluations. NO. I ignore the email.
Second, later I find out that at the annual Holiday Party we have to present on all the work that we've done over the semester. As part of the "programming" team, we were supposed to come up with a report or presentation together and present at the Holiday Party. So I go and meet with her, share what I think we should go, and try to get her input. She doesn't know how to do powerpoint, she's distracted with some other end of the semester project and she doesn't help me at all. I'm resigned to do it myself.
A few days after this meeting of the minds I go to work, and I see a HUGE stack of evaluations in my 20. All the ones that I thought she had been doing had NOT been done and now she expected I do them. I sent her this email:
I looked in my mailbox today, and saw all the programming evaluations that were put there. There is stuff in there from September. I'm not okay with you doing just the semester and monthly reports, it's just compiling all the data that I've worked on getting. I also need you to find a way to contribute to our project for Wednesday. It's not working together if I do the whole thing, the least that you can do is find a way to get some data, or averages for attendance at our programs this Semester. I will finish doing the programming evaluations that were in my box, but next semester we will have to work out a system to distribute work more evenly.

My best,


Okay, right?

Nope. Then she sends me and email about meeting to discuss the project for our Holiday Party, during a time she knows I volunteer...also she sent the email at 7, 11, and again at 1 am. The third email's subject was: THIRD NOTICE. Don't fucking rush me for a response when you sent the email after business hours. I'm officially frustrated. I email her back


The last time I met with you, it was unproductive, what do you plan on adding to what we've already discussed? I have to be at WWW from 1-3 tomorrow, as I've already told you. I do not regularly check work emails after business hours. Please be cognizant of the time you send out emails.

My best,


You know what she says..."Have a blessed day" you know she was pissed, but the funniest thing of it all was, she didn't even show up for the "mandatory" Holiday Party. She sent an email 15 minutes before it started saying she had back pains...Ain't that a bitch! I saw her later that week and she said that I should help her learn power point when I have the patience. I honestly feel like that gets a hell no. That's not my job or responsibility, and you're difficult to work with.

I don't know yall...this is just way too much for my spirit.

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