My Team

This post is dedicated to my sister @Ashleyb1988 ...seriously you're the best.

On my team---you have one time to slack---and then you will slack no more---on my team - @skinnyjeanius

I can't stress how important real friends are, and how detrimental psuedo/fake friends are.

My life isn't in the best place right now, I'm unhappy with my environment. Not unhappy with myself, but this is not a place that I prefer my cute ass to be, and I look in the mirror and think, how did you allow your self to get here, and why do you stay ((read some previous post about me teetering between sacrifice and unhappiness)) but when I tell you, that the phone calls, emails, texts, @'s on fb and twitter are KEEPING me...

No one has forgotten me. I can't express how much this means to me, and how much I appreciate it. Seriously can NOT.

So I'm encouraging you to find, and take CARE of your team... if you think that you're having issues with you team here's what I encourage you to do/what I do:

  • You'll NEVER hear me bad-mouth on any public forum any of my team members
  • I'm honest with them, good and bad
  • I receive the knowledge they give me, good and bad, and let them know I'm considering and value their opinion
  • I talk to them (via many streams of communication)
  • I'm vigilant of the changes in their lives 
  • I make time for my team
  • I let them know how much they mean to me (one of my pet peeves is "I love ya", none of my team members say that... it's always "I love you")
  • I prune team members when rotten fruit can, and will, spoil the whole bunch
  • I support their endeavors (my bestie's know I read their blogs, and promote what they're doing)
  • they know my people (family)
  • I know their family and spend time with them
  • I respect them as a person (there is no arguing, doing shady shit, getting back, etc on my team)
  • I share with them what's going on in my life...if they're your friend, they want to know that you trust them enough to tell them things
  • I am a defense, and will defend them
  • If I have a problem with a member of my team, I tell them in a reasonable amount of time (no grudges), we come to a resolution, and I LET IT GO
  • I love them in a bell hooks definition type of way (care, compassion, respect, trust, commitment)

This was not an overnight DREAM team...I've had a couple O.J. Mayo's and Sebastian Telfairs , and I've been those people to other's, but I've grown into, what I hope is a good friend, and I'm still growing. I love my team, and I'm keeping them for life.

and if you're reading this and can't say this...check yourself


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