The Ending :(


  1. I can't with you! You are so pretty. I had to end a friendship but it wasn't as involved as yours. She was always trippin, we had gotten into it too many times over super stuff. She thought I was trying to sleep with her fuck buddy because we went to prom together, mind you he was my boyfriend first & I never judged her for sleeping with him. Then she got mad at me for asking her when she was graduating and thought I was hating on her or being negative. I was like dude if you think I am this shitty of a friend then I can't do this. If any of my good friends seriously thinks I would ever sleep with they man or hate on them, then they don't hold me in a high regard of friendship so I'm like if you think I would do something like that to you then we don't need to be friends.

    I had to end other friendship with a friend, because she was just so use to being hurt and people lying to her, she always thought a had malicious intent with her, she was so use to losing that she didn't know when she was winning.

  2. Lol. Thanks E. I honestly think that some people stay losing just because it's comfortable. The same with wholeheartedly falling in love, people are commitment phobes and stay scared because it takes work to be honest and faithful, and they don't want to get hurt. Same with friendships.
    That's why I think we all need to be good to one another..people get hurt and don't realize how damaging it really is.


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