NBA FINALS (Warning:The People I Follow have NO COUTH)

So I really couldn't care LESS about the finals but twitter WENT IN, and I just had to share some of my favorite finals tweets(and a bonus video)

X_X RT @lovecrissle: that is for whitefolks & mestizos. RT @unscripted: are you all forgetting about baseball?

RT @freshalina: I bet Jason Terry still won't dangle his ring in House Mother Bosh's face and say "this stone is flawless, F1."

House mother Bosh got a face only a white woman and a mother could love...and that's that

Nah. You gotta go. RT @itsgabrielleu: @dwadeofficial is & always will champion...tomorrow is a new adventure

@B_Smeezy: Y'all missing the big picture...THERE IS NO FOOTBALL!!”

TIMEOUT RT @ThisIsSkyzMuzik: I really don't know why Chris Bosh is crying like that. HE HAS A WHOLE WNBA SEASON COMING UP..

Dan Gilbert finna go rent Higher Learning and buy an assault rifle. Just feelings everywhere.

LOL well Both if you're Bosh.. RT @OSULighty23: So tell me this.... Are u soft/punk if u cry over losing or cry because u won?

I wish Dirk NotYourWhiskey was good looking. That would be fun.

Lebron hugged bosh rollin his eyes like 'nigga you aint shit'

Bosh laid out cuz he found out wade preggo by LeBron

Did u know, the Championship gear they make 4 losin teams goes to 3rd world countries. . .Heat snapbacks 4 all the Guatamalan children!!

ERROR. RT @LifeWithJay: Maybe I should root for Orlando, too. Just in case. Lol

Why is Mark Cuban so damn red and sweaty? He looks like he just got busted by Chris Hansen.

And the blouses have it.

Somebody got Lebrons family locked in a basement & told him he BETTER LOSE...I saw this in a Lifetime movie one time.

That would be a loooong fall...RT @ziem @freshalina Do you think Chris Bosh did a crying wall slide in the locker room?

You ain't an iota of shit. Tell a friend. RT @Cloud10LV No hairline is an island... someone please pass the memo to Lebron.


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