30 things

1) Be honest. Be open. Laugh. Be funny. Be empathetic.
2) I feel really strongly about human rights. We have too much not to give and take care of each other (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
3) Black Macho and the Myth of Superwoman by Michele Wallace. Everything about interpersonal relationships between black women and men made sense in a historical, "this is why we act like this, and why we can't have nice things" sort of way, lol
4) Mommy tapped on my door to wake me up for church. Fell back asleep. Tapped again as she was leaving. Got up. Packed. Went and heard the sermon I NEEDED to hear. Drove to Ulta. Got nailpolish. Drove to Muncie. Unpacked. Went to Meijers. Made shepard's pie. Watched 30 rock. Watched Tough love. Stalked someone's tumblr. Decided to post this list on my blog :) and here we are!
5) I want to sing this to an ex "I'm so glad we had this time together, now it's time for us to say goodbye"
6) I love just about everything. I like real music though, no pro tools, just guitars, pianos, good vocals. There's still some around, but there will always be junk.
7) 1) people who speak loudly in public places 2) People standing in the way in traffic areas (doorways, hallways, taking up all of the side walk) 3) people who generalize 4) people who don't value other's time 5) dishonesty
8) Wendy's wildberry tea, Chicken Caesar wrap, fries, shepards pie. Water. Peppermint Tea. Honey.
9) Super important. But, I don't believe that "traditional" education is for everyone. College isn't for everyone, neither is graduate school. Learning in any situation is the best way to be.
10) "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse, "No Man, No Cry" by Kelly Rowland, "New Day" by Kanye West and Jay-Z, "Call on Jesus" by Nicole Mullen, "Countdown" by Beyonce, "Hometown Glory" by Adele, "My Piece" by Miguel, "You Are" by Charlie Wilson, "Daydreamer" by Adele :)
11) My loves. I cherish them.
12) Ndamukong Suh, Idris Elba, Laz Alonzo, Steve B. Ward, and Donald Glover
13) I'm comfortable. No changes are on the horizon. :) I love being me and I think I'm growing into my style and what I'm comfortable with.
14) Gray Sequined tank top from the gap. Black sweater. Jeans. Gray mocassins.
15) Sagittarius. I don't know if it does or not. Not really that in to it.
16) I'm a ruminator. I always think about "what if's"
17) My apt. I love coming home.
18) Deciding the "appropriateness" of some of my male relationships.
19) 1) Every OPI nailpolish 2) Paella 3) rhinestone louboutins 4) boyfriend jeans 5) my favorite dessert from Dorothy Lane Market
20) that I'm inadequate (a good friend E.,  made me realize this was my root fear)
21) Peaceful
22) Ha... I am an academic (slow smile)
23) riding my bike everyday and not having deadlines and bills...oh, only one thing...oops.
24) "child please", "and this is why we can't have nice things", "my hair is laid like white woman. This is submissive hair", "nigga's love me. I'm on my Kim K." " But, someone stole my stapler...why not give them a lesson of don't steal my shit management"
25) Thesis.
26) I hate that I ruminate. I like that I'm the "go to" person for a lot of people.
27) "It's not our abilities who show who we are. It is our choices" -Dumbledore
28) South Carolina.
29) Pickles. Febreze lavender-vanilla and comfort & turquoise seas. I like when my mommy rubs my head. Arizona Watermelon juice.
30) The next chapter of my life!


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