Workaholics Lament

There's nothing that can be done without my computer
It has a first name, N-A-D-I-A
My disc drive is a child, who likes to wonder off when I'm not looking
and if I ever lost it for real. For real.
I would go ape shit.
I have three calendars all synced to each other, just in case.
I'm not one to remember everything, but my technology never forgets
I've scheduled correspondence with loved ones before
I'm becoming who I always wanted to be. The powerfully productive researcher.
My SAS files are backed up in three places and a powerpoint on my current research is always available to those who may need to view it.
I'm loving the feeling of making it look like I have way too much on my plate and then getting it all done, before they thought I would.
But I'm so tired.
My eyes are bigger than my stomach.
But I press. Run copies. Make reports. Speeches. Meetings.. Time. Production. I make. I create.
My droid runs the world I've created and google tells me the time.
Outlook it or it didn't happen.
My bills are paid and my vita is gorgeous, and that's all I can ask for at the moment :)


  1. There is nothing like being organized and knocking tasks off your list!


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