My bestie and I are intelligent women. We are in college,we know the difference between too and to, and we enjoy men.We enjoy their company, their looks, and their wit. According to Steve Harvey, Dateline, and every other media outlet, we are also apart of the 2.8 million single Black women in America who will never get married because the world has informed us that there are no eligible bachelors. But here's the thing, we've seen plenty. They are educated. They are good looking with the makings of a good back. They are everything that we want them to be. But there's a problem. In the midst of their climb up the [insert their future occupation here] ladder they've gotten too ahead of themselves. They have become the philosophers of foolishness. They've become too deep. So deep in fact, they can't even hear how ridiculous they sound. Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you, from the men of the black bourgeois: Wet Water Wisdom

  •  If your truth is offended by mine you need a new truth 
  • My life is so good, if I had it any better I couldn't stand it 
  • Its easy to forget things you want to remember. Its hard to forget things you don't want to remember. 
  •  Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. 
  • If you fall in love with two people, pick the second because if you really loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. 
  • When all is said and done more is always said then done 
And just because we couldn't let them have ALL the fun…here's a few of our own:

  •  When I was a little G, I thought like a Little G. Now that Im a big G...I start the beginning of sentences. 
  • Like there are two sides to every street, there are two sides to every truth. 
  • Culture is the food of our lives. So watch what you eat. 
  • If you're not shining, may be you need to turn the lights off. 
  • Life is like a piece of paper…there's two sides to every story, just make sure you're not in the fold.
Now you may think we're being shady or haters for writing this post, and so what. There's no way people who have undergraduate, and in some cases graduate degrees should be writing foolishness like this in any manner but jest, and the worst part about it is they have tons of people retweeting, co-signing, and liking this utter foolishness on facebook. Let's check ourselves for a minute and make sure that we don't sound like idiots... #thatisall.


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