I didn't/couldn't/really didn't want to come up with another name for this post.

My job...I'm taking a loss with it. Not only do they pay me nothing (I qualify for every type of gov't assistance with the amount of pay I make) but, it's filled with drama, and people who consistently give sub par work performances.

People who give these piss poor outputs wouldn't be so bad if there was a disciplinary action following their ish, but there's not.

I guess I see this two ways, First: I was taught that if your name was on something, you do your best, because you don't want to ruin your good name, for self-pride purposes.
Second: If you're an employer and you let your employees get away with that, you're facilitating shitti-ness (not a word, I know)

Anyway, I do believe in Karma, and "you reap what you sow" and whatever I can do to this person will not be as good as what God will, so I'mma leave it to him.

Second Thing:

My roommate has been in my room going through my things. I didn't think that was something I even had to worry about with her. It's disconcerting, and I really feel like my space has been violated. My bestie said I should get a safe...in my own house? Where I pay bills?..what the fuck? My dude on twitter said I should "bussa head"...he's been watching too much "Beyond Scared Straight" lol.

Third Thing:

and this is a PSA....
When an adult makes a decision, whether you think it's right or wrong, in their best interest or not, say your piece, and let it go.

I made a decision, that I really felt was best for me, in this case it wasn't a right or wrong thing, just an issue of timing. I told someone I trusted and they completely crucified me. Told me I was being childish, that it wasn't as serious as I was making it.

First, I'm upset because they belittled and minimized my feelings.
Second, no one can determine what is best for me, especially in this situation. I, as an adult, am in charge of my actions. I don't appreciate being told what I should do, especially by someone whose life is NOT, by anyone's standards, in order.
Third, This person was encouraging me, not in the right direction, but to do wrong.

I kinda feel like, they want to bring me down to where they are, their advice is just clearly bad. They think I should have a baby. I'm unmarried, working on a thesis, and I just told you (see above) that I don't make any money. What would make you think a baby would be a good idea right now?

This person is paternalism personified he said, "having a baby would calm me down"...NO SIR. It would stress me the FUCK out cuz I don't have any money, or time, or the attention, nor the maturity to take care of little Bishop.

Anyway...do what's best for you folks..no matter what people say.

That's the adult thing to do.

Let us hope there is no more drama...I really just don't have it to do.


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