Hurt Feelings

So I guess it's just part of our nature that we just accept the good things as luck, the will of God, or just the universe giving us a piece...but for the bad things we search and search for reasoning even to the point of concocting, fabricating, and extrapolating to find some answer or some form of closure to the question: why?

As I come of age I'm more and more amazed at the things that we'll do to one another. Not out of vengeance, not out of spite, but because of agenda. Are your goals only attainable at the expense of someone else? Why have you not thought about alternative routes for your success? Even if one is not hurtful on purpose, is there not some sort of retrospection to think about whether you actions may have hurt someone, and out of human responsibility for other human a need to atone?
Maybe that's just me.

I just...I just never realized how strong I was until now. What I can take. I refuse to cry a tear or feel anything lasting about what happens to me here.

Remember when I talked about that girl on the treadmill that told me this was not the place for friends, that it would be different. I now know she was a prophet. I was naive. I believe in you too much, I believed that the same people who fight each other over IPods on black Friday and who curse each other everyday would extend me more empathy, would give me more justice, more respect. Alas, I am refuted.

The great, amazing, last solace I have is that, you, like everything else in this world, are temporary, and someday, perhaps even tomorrow, I will not know you.


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