Asinine Indiana

Dear Indiana, (well more specifically the black men of Indiana, but whatever)

Do we really still wear tall tees, braids, and golds fa ya mouth? I thought that we were past that? Hell, I was loving OSU black men, cause they are even over sagging. LET ME TELL YOU. There is nothing like a man with his jeans simple, dark, with a pea coat. Looking oh soo sexy and intelligent, and let him have on some glasses, #ISWOON. 
But, you know what, this is what I think is the problem, all the general trends arrive late and get stuck in the chasm of small town America and NEVER LEAVE forcing me to look at this foolishness and tomfoolery all day. ((Le Sigh))

Black Men of Indiana, that is Asinine,

Air Hugs and blown kisses,



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