Kanye's Work Out Plan

So I'm lacking on the friends department...most of the people in my program are not in my age range, live out of town, or have families. So that doesn't leave them to spend much time getting to know little ol me. :( So I've decided to come up with a plan to meet people. ((sidenote:: I think a major issue with the women's community is dealing/thriving in times of solitude or being alone. If we learn to be content just with/within ourselves imagine the things we could avoid because we didn't make decisions based from loneliness! I promised myself I would not involve myself in another relationship until I was the most complete person I could be and this is a major part of it. This whole experience has been a challenge for me on this issue and I think I'm working it out :). ))

The best way to prepare for togetherness is to learn to walk confidently thru your aloneness. #TheSW

With all that said, woman can not live by bread alone, she needs some friends. This is a list of goals that I'm going to strive to meet every week to put myself in a position to build a support network here.

  • smile or say hi to one person a day (can not be service personnel, no bus drivers, food workers, etc)
  • go to one campus event a week ( my first is the multicultural picnic)
  • spend at least one hour a day in a people populated area ( not including my department, office or GA lounge)
That's it for now...seems simple, but I honestly think it might work. I'll let you know.


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