So I had to go to the administration building on campus to turn in my payroll paperwork, I need to pee so I go to the restroom close to the office i need to go to, I'm in the biggest stall at the end, this lady comes in right after me, and goes to the stall next to me. Then this heifer proceeds to FART UP A FUCKING STORM, loud ass continuous farts! Mind u there's three stalls did she take the one furthest from me, no! How rude, then someone else comes in and she keeps farting, like stopped and restarted! I'm still in the stall because I don't wanna get out and see this woman, so the other person leaves and i get out and she comes right out      after me, bitch do u have NO SHAME! Pick a less popular restroom if you're going to shit up the place, it was right by the break room too! Couldn't even look her in the face...#nastyI washed my hands and DIPPED... she didn't even care...#shakesmyhead !!!


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