Checklists and Calendars and Asinine Indiana

While my first day was calm and second day, made me wanna go home to Ohio and spend the night, and that's what I'm doing, lol.

First of all, we got stopped by the cops today. Now as you all could tell in my earlier posts I'm very iffy about being in a state known for its racism, so you can imagine how I felt when the police officer came off the sidewalk (he was on foot) and stopped traffic to come to our vehicle. I roll down the window, my consternation clear. He asks, "Do you all know where you're going?"
"Okay, I just saw you were from Ohio, which part?"
"Oh, okay. I'm from Beavercreek. You all have a good day."
WOW. He just wanted to say hi.

Second, I realized that I'm going to be WERKED like a hebrew slave for the pay. I'm a graduate assistant, as are all the people in my program. In exchange for teaching, doing research, and working for about 20 hours a week, the school pays me to be a student. I don't pay tuition or out of state fees, only general fees, which are about 1,000 dollars a semester. If you get the opportunity to be a GA or GTA, take it! So I got the calendar today, and I have mandated office hours, I must plan and facilitate two outreach programs for Seniors in the community, I have to attend the programs put on by the center, plan and facilitate at least two programs at the center, do all reminder calls and follow-up, paperwork for reporting, and keep a record of EVERYTHING I do...  and did I mention, school? I'm taking 12 hours, normal is nine, and full time for GA's is 6! (le sigh) help me baby Jesus.

Third, I ran around ALL day trying to get everything together, Bursar, Financial AIDS (they are a disease), the graduate school (who added a stop that I didn't get to), my apartment office, my apartment, then I got lost trying to go to the Departmental picnic ( I'll tell you why in asinine Indiana) and I still haven't picked up my keys to our building, our office, the community center, or my locker.

Fourth (Oh, if it seems like I'm bitching.... I AM)
My apartment...let's just say, I will not be renewing my lease at the end of the year. I've heard grad and family housing is supposed to be shitty, but this takes the CAKE.


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