Ok, so I came across this. I’m not gonna say where, but I thought it was super cute. This guy came up with thirty reasons to date him. So I decided to come up with my own.
Here’s his first:
So why date me? I've compiled a list of the top 30 reasons why... 
1. I can almost always find Waldo 
2. I always roll the toothpaste from the bottom and put the cap back on. 
3. I'll wait, even if you're late 
4. I know CPR 
5. I'll drive so you can put your makeup on 
6. You'll love my quirkiness 
7. When you try to count, I will try to mess you up 
8. I promise not to burn the house down when you're gone 
9. I'll give you space 
10. I don't bite...unless you ask me to 
11. I'll circle your birthday on my calendar 
12. I'll make you banana pancakes 
13. I'll grant you three wishes 
14. I'll give you my honest opinion even if you ask me if your ugly shoes are cute (I mean come on, I'M the one that has to be seen with YOU) 
15. I understand you have friends that are guys 
16. I'm good at making lists 
17. I won't steal the vicodin from your medicine cabinet 
18. I promise I won't pretend I didn't hear you say our "safe" word 
19. I'm adorable 
20. I don't care what music we listen to in the car 
21. I never put my fingers in the light socket 
22. I'll give you my jacket on cold nites 
23. We can watch your movie first 
24. I'll let you have the last bite 
25. I know the difference between they're, their, and there 
26. I come with an extended warranty 
27. I'll buy you flowers just because 
28. I never run with scissors 
29. I'll send you flowers at work so your co workers can see. 
30. I'll carve your initials in a tree 
Here’s mine:
1)      I can cook ;)
2)      I’m not gonna ask you for money to get my hair done. I’m natural J
3)      I like to give back rubs
4)      I need you to have your space and guy’s nights.
5)      I hate public arguments
6)      I’m not going to try and mark your apartment as my territory
7)      I’m silly
8)      I know how to haggle
9)      I promise I won’t make you hold my purse
10)   I don’t care for shopping
11)   I’d rather read, so you can watch whatever you want on the television
12)   I come with a money back guarantee
13)   I’m not afraid to pay half
14)   I’m 22 with no kids
15)   I’ll make you your favorite meal and bake your favorite cake on your birthday
16)   I’ll let you win at checkers
17)   I’ll grant you three wishes….in bed, lol
18)   I’m cute and cuddly
19)   I don’t get weepy
20)   I won’t try and change you
21)   I’ll let you wear your favorite shirt even though it was so 2001
22)   I’m not clingy
23)   I’m not in a rush to meet your mother
24)   I’m smart
25)   I care about what happened today at work
26)   I’m not gonna stalk your fb page and ask who every women is
27)   I respect basketball nights with the boys
28)   I’ll make dip for your superbowl party
29)   You can wake me up in the middle of the night
30)   You can truly be honest with me

Now that I’ve said all this it would make you think that I’m looking…not so much. I’m available to the right kind of love, but I feel like when you seek out a romantic experience the one’s you find are contrived, out of loneliness (not out mutual respect and companionship), and not generally worth the time. So I wait…


  1. Maybe I'll post my own list!! This was hilarious!


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