Asinine Indiana

So originally I was gonna make a big list, but I think I'll do a series of one a week.

Dear Indiana,

When you say, "Go to (insert place here)" and that place is within another building, it is proper to say, " Go to (insert place here), which is in the Arts Building on the second floor in the old Masonic Temple on Main Street". I get super pissed  when you say go to this place and you just say the name of it, and there's NO SIGNAGE on the outside of the building to indicate that the aforementioned place is in the building. Plus, the numbers are so small how could I see the address, and there are no signs on streets pointing the direction...come on Hoosiers.
This happened to me THREE times today:
-apartment office
-departmental picnic ( My mom and I spent an hour walking through straight WOODS... eventually we gave it the three tears in a bucket...)
-community center

Indiana! That's asinine!

Hugs and Kisses,



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