Waiting...On a Correct Email

Subject: On-campus students -- New to Muncie? Join us today for a tour of
Downtown Muncie

Learn about your new hometown by Touring Downtown Muncie TODAY, arrive at Student Center second floor Alumni Lounge at 12:45 pm tomorrow. Tour will arrive back at Ball State by 3 pm.
Can you spot the errors?
I've received 6 emails from this person, three were rebuttals/corrections on previous emails. Get it together boo!


  1. Sweetie...Ya gotta remember we don't test for grammar on the state tests....We are just happy when the words that are strung together kinda sorta make sense...here's a big hug. Have you thought abouth writing a column? Your whit is hilarious, I've been laughing my butt off.

  2. LOL. No I haven't thought about it, but thanks. :)


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