The Death of Professionalism

So, of course, it's 7:44 p.m. and I'm returning and sending out bunches and bunches of correspondence...such is the life of a graduate assistant. One of my emails included a reminder to my fellow GA's about their attendance for our staff meeting tomorrow...this is one of the replies:

sorry i mispelled your name. I love the way your name is spelled. i have had 4minor heart attacks and do want to get up to see if i am the scribe or the facilitator. I would greatly appreciate that. I will be just fine however. a person knows when they begin to die. do not be afraid when you begin to die because it will be soothing to you if you believe in God. I was in a major accident in l995 when i was in my private practice on the square in Noblesville and went walking into a restaurant during an ice storm. This van suddently hit me and crushed my left leg, and was in a coma for 2 and one half weeks! My mom is a nurse and has already bought me my burial plot. Thank God she did not have them pull the tubes on me. After the coma, my IQ level was 160! I wonder what it was prior to that! I use musci therapy on myself when I am in a hospital. In other words, use whatever tool that works for you. Please send this email to (XXX) for me. When you begin to die it will be a bright and sunny day. Believe me, I KNOW this. I look forward to seeing you in class this week. I worry about (XXX)'s health. I hope she is ok. I pray for her. .

(letter is exactly as written to me, with co-worker's name deleted)

Um..not to gloss over the obvious morbidity issues, but all those misspellings and incomplete sentences took my spirit down a ways. I honestly am worried about this co-worker. Her health is failing her, but I also am not her friend. This is too much for a work email, and is not my place to be delving into her personal life, nor do I want to. I'm empathetic to her situation, but I can't.

I don't have enough degrees for all of this!

UPDATE:: I asked her did she want me to send or call someone to check on her, and she said no...


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