So today, has been one of those days...

But I guess I'm not alone...

First. I'm supposed to get up at seven-thirty to write this paper I've been procrastinating. Doesn't happen. I wake-up at nine...look in the mirror and decided I NEED to wash my hair. ASAP. I go to wal-mart to get some tresemme..realize I have no gas and I'm super hungry. I stop and get food at Mickey Renaldo's (McDonalds, for the less civilized, lol). I'm happy it's still breakfast menu. I also realize I need to get a raffle gift for the program on Saturday. I also need coffee. Got OJ at McD's. Then I go home shower, watch a movie I'm supposed to watch for my paper. I realize it's now about 12:00. I have a meeting with someone at 12:30. The phone rings, it's her telling me I need to have a TB test to work at Westminster (assisted living facility/nursing home), okay. I've had where is the paperwork. I scour my room. I find it. Now, I'm late. Look at my phone. Three emails. One is from a lady I emailed about attending another support group. She says come, they meet at 7:00 p.m. I have class. I email my professor and tell her I have to leave early. I find the papers and go. I get there...late. I go to the activities office, they say I need another TB test, and to fill out an application. It's four pages... I meet the professors mother whom I am to visit twice a week until Christmas. I go get my TB test shot. I go back and chit chat with the mother for an hour. She's getting tired, I leave. I still haven't got a raffle, it's already been a long day...So I got to Starbucks..get a pack of Via and a cute cup, plus my normal non-fat peppermint white mocha with 2 1/2 pumps. I leave and still realize I have NO GAS. Okay, I'll drop by work and give the raffle to my boss, go get lunch and gas. Come back home and write some more. I get to work, my boss is frantic and asks can I stay for a program. The presenter is her roommate and she needs to leave because she forgot something at home...I say yes. I end up being there for an hour, close to two. #FAIL. I'm famished now. I go get gas. Then I pull into Wendy's for lunch. They are currently not taking any debit or credit cards....#GRRR. I go to Rally's and eat fries for lunch. I go home and start on my paper...three out of 10 pages. Fuck it. It's now 5:50. I go to class.Good thing is our professor is not here. The paper isn't due until Monday, in her box. Pick up papers, drink a glass of Coca Cola, watch part of the movie, I'm told I have to do a reflection, I need to go to the library and rent the DVD.  Another thing to the list. I leave to go to the support group fifteen minutes into the movie. I walk in, interview the facilitator and the one other participant. DONE. One thing off the check list. I go home. I'm hungry. It's 8:14. I catch the rest of "Community" and part of "30 Rock" I decide to go to the GA Lounge. I can study better there. I get a Marie Callendar's Steamer meal from wal-mart and a starbuck's frappuccino, chex mix. Now I'm sitting here with "Unbought and Unbossed" by Shirley Chisholm open, about to once again delve into my paper. This is the life I chose to lead...what a day.

Addendum...the fact that I've resized this video 4 times is taking ME DOWN!!!


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