My Favorite Things

Since I've been doing pretty heavy posts as of late, I decided to be light hearted today and give yall my favorite tweets!!! Enjoy!

  1. 87Pistol RT @jamieleandra: @87Pistol I think you should publish your tweets in a book. « I need a pseudonym
  2. Courtcourtthestar @sweetdivalove "call me crazy, call me psycho, call me the cah-cah" rotfl!
  3. victor newman IIskinnyjeanius black men: do you really like white women or do you do it just to piss off white men?
  4. It's MURDAAA87Pistol I live by a code, of my own invention, but a code nonetheless, and I follow it to a fucking T.
  5. victor newman IIskinnyjeanius never keep things around for convenience. when you're done. drop it. longevity has its place.
  6. Princeton HartnabrigitsPrincey Dear Family: I can BE rude. Because that is, in fact, the calling God has placed on my life.
  7. Tati-Ana Mercedesmarfmellow I don't love people, I love the moments, the feelings I have. I'm above the clingy shit,.
  8. Samantha BuddsheAgem  CLASS OF 2010 IS THE BEST CLASS!
  9. Ashley(lastnamehere)Ashleyb1988  @87Pistol ur mom just keeps telling the babies how much ur going spoil them!!
  10. Ashley(lastnamehere)Ashleyb1988  @87Pistol im just sitting here smiling bcuz u would b so #happy bcuz they r the smallest most angelic thing i've ever seen!
  11. victor newman IIskinnyjeanius money can't buy happiness? gtfohwtbs. money can buy liquor and hoes. ever see anyone unhappy having drunk sex with hoes?
  12. victor newman IIskinnyjeanius there is no more room for habitual line steppers
  13. Ashley(lastnamehere)Ashleyb1988  @87Pistol i know but i mean this ish (apple butter) has me applying for the management position available at the benchwood location
  14. HEAVY Dheavyd “She laughs at my dreams, but I dream about her laughter.” -ANOM


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