Eff Em' Friday

Eff being lonely in a town where I have no real friends

Eff doing more work than my fellow GA's but us all getting paid the same amount

Eff him

Eff her

Eff budgets

Eff seasonal friends...Honestly if I really cared about you, we would STILL be friends. Your time has ended. Let it be.

Eff people who only have negative or corrections to give every time they talk to you. Shut up.

Eff knowing that this economics research project I signed up for willingly is gonna KICK MY ASS next semester

Eff SASS...I'm a social science girl...we use SPSS

Eff needing a warm bath and a massage by a man with strong hands ;)..not gonna happen tonight

Eff going into work at nine..leaving at one..being back at three and leaving again at 7:30 only to take work home

Eff absentee co-workers

Eff losing 3 pages of your ten page paper because the computer didn't save

Eff having to stay in a town your falling out of LIKE with because you have to finish this paper before you leave.

Eff staff meetings..people ain't gonna do shit anyway

Eff late nights and early mornings

Eff sold-out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One Showing...I love me some 'Arry Potta

Eff people who are in the same organization with you, who all plan to go the the movies without you, and then ask why you didn't let them know you were going...WTF

Eff doing anymore than necessary

Eff errands

Eff the errands that you forgot to run that you just now thought of while writing this post

Eff any Starbucks that's not open 24 hrs

Eff your boss giving you a gift card that expired yesterday (yes, it happened)

Eff kids being in a fashion show...who the fuck thought that was a good idea...bad asses

Eff tears that won't come even when you NEED to cry

Eff people who flirt with no intentions

Eff people who are superfluous

Eff being away from my god-kids and my sissy, and da mommy.

Eff romance.

Eff questions like "why don't you have a boyfriend?"...shit if I knew I would...

Eff Chad being engaged to Evelyn...yea, I said it.

Eff weddings of people younger than you

Eff jealousy

Eff bad posture, stirrup pants, jean-looking leggings, gray stonewashed skinny jeans, and shirts that don't adequately cover the stomach.

Eff it all...


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